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What's Amythe7th?

Amythe7th is an inspirational podcast that brings Grace Talk with stories of redemption and reflection. The podcast sole mission is helping those heal through trauma by finding God-purpose. There’s also a mix of community news and practical real talk to help us discover our best selves in the 7th dimension.

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  More than a Survivor  

Imagine living life then boom you're in a near fatal car accident and you have to learn how to walk again. That happened to me in 2022! Life comes at you fast and you realize you don't have as much time on earth as you thought. I've gotten my degree from FAMU, worked as a new producer, I'm an author, speaker, and philanthropist but one of my passions and greatest work is stepping out on faith and launching Amythe7th Podcast. My goal is to give you the motivation, inspiration, and resources to keep going. If no one has told you I'm happy you are still here with us!

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Get on the Podcast

Are you interested in being a guest on Amythe7th Podcast? Do you have news you want us to share with our audience?  Want to purchase ad space? We'd love to hear from you! We are always on the look out for compelling content and offers that resonates with our audience and helps to make the better and more inspired people. 

Click the send us a email button below and tell us the nature of your inquiry. Be sure to include your name, contact information, topic you are interested in discussing or having us share, or other important details If you are interested in being a guest be sure to include your bio and headshot in the email. 

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